Terms and Conditions:

Introduction: The following terms and conditions have been drafted by the owner of the website and establish the relationship between users/visitors/subscribers of www.properush.com  and the website itself. Users/visitors/subscribers are requested to carefully read these terms and conditions. If they do not agree with them, they must refrain from using this website. By actually using the website, they are indicating their acceptance of the terms and conditions.

The website reserves the right to modify the terms of use and privacy policy at any time and without prior notice. Therefore, users/visitors/subscribers are advised to review the terms of use and conditions each time they visit the website.

Terms of Use: The content of the website may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, or republished in any form without the prior consent of the website owner. Users/visitors/subscribers are permitted to print and electronically save the website’s content for personal use only, and not for commercial purposes.

Users/visitors/subscribers who wish to register for the website’s services must:

Service Suspension: The website has the exclusive right, which users/visitors/subscribers fully acknowledge, to temporarily or permanently suspend its operation, with or without prior notice, in order to address technical issues. The website also reserves the right to cease providing its services to users who have outstanding financial obligations.

User/Visitor/Subscriber Conduct: The user/visitor/subscriber understands and accepts that by using the website’s services, they may encounter content that is offensive, indecent, or illegal. If the website receives a notification that any content causes harm or damage to a third party, it reserves the right to promptly remove such content and terminate the account of the user/visitor/subscriber who violates the terms.

Users/visitors/subscribers agree not to use the website’s services to:


Limitation of Liability:


Links to Other Websites: This website may contain links to other websites provided for user convenience and further information. The inclusion of these links does not imply endorsement by the website. The website is not responsible for the accuracy of the linked website’s content. Furthermore, the website does not guarantee that linked websites or any other websites are free from computer viruses or other malicious or impairing computer software. Therefore, the website cannot be held responsible for the protection and privacy of any information provided by users/visitors/subscribers while visiting such websites, as they are governed by their own privacy statements. The website is not liable for the continuous, uninterrupted, and secure accessibility of visitors/users/subscribers to other websites. In the event of any issues encountered while visiting those websites, users/visitors/subscribers should directly contact the respective websites for problem resolution. The aforementioned websites may contain content submitted by third parties. The website bears no liability for any illegalities arising from omissions, errors, or inaccuracies in the content provided by third parties. The information on these websites may be updated at any time and may become outdated. The website is not responsible for maintaining the accuracy of information on these pages or for any failure to do so. If a user/visitor/subscriber engages in a commercial transaction with a third party, the terms and conditions of that transaction will be governed by the third party and not the website. The website bears no liability for any aspect or outcome of such transactions.


Material Submitted on this Website: By submitting material on this website, the user/visitor/subscriber grants the website exclusive rights and permission to publish, use, translate, and reproduce the material or any part thereof worldwide and using any technology. However, the website is not obligated to publish or reproduce the submitted material.


Exclusion of Liability: The information contained in the content of this website, including links to estate agents, property pictures, and personal/company information of advertisers or property listings, is provided for informational purposes only. The content on this website should not be relied upon to make decisions or take actions based on its material. The content on this website is provided by third parties (estate agents, realtors, users) and cannot be certified or guaranteed for accuracy. The website is not liable for the accuracy of property descriptions or any economic losses resulting from real estate transactions. The website’s pages may contain errors, including technical and typographical errors.


E-Commerce: The website offers users/visitors/subscribers the opportunity to purchase services through e-commerce applications, subject to specific terms and the protection of their personal information provided for these services. If e-commerce transactions occur between users/subscribers and the website, the website is obligated to comply with relevant regulations, such as long-distance sales and consumer protection laws. The website is obliged to provide information regarding the essential features of the services, pricing, quantity, VAT (if applicable), payment methods, execution process, offer validity, and the right to retract. Accessing the website’s pages/services does not incur any additional costs, except for the standard internet access fees charged by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Jurisdiction: These terms of use, including any future changes, are governed and interpreted under the jurisdiction of Cyprus, the European Union, and relevant international laws. They apply to all users/visitors/subscribers.


Copyright: The content and rights to use any materials on the website constitute the intellectual property of the website owner. The owner controls the content and functioning of the website from their office in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Agreement: These terms and conditions serve as the complete agreement between the website and its users/visitors/subscribers, including estate agents, realtors, and other users. Contact: If you have any questions or need clarification regarding any of the above, please contact us via email at info@properush.com.

Personal Data Protection:

The responsible party for the processing of personal data, i.e. Properush.com website, recognizes that the privacy of visitors and registered users is an essential and inviolable right that must be safeguarded in the course of its operations.

Properush.com portal is dedicated to ongoing research to enhance the protection of personal data during the processing of user information obtained from visiting or utilizing the portal’s services, application, and other offerings. Technological measures are implemented to prevent any unauthorized usage of personal data, ensuring that the processing is carried out in compliance with the rights, freedoms, and dignity of the individuals whose data is involved, with a particular emphasis on privacy and personal identity.

We kindly request that users review the privacy policy terms of our website to understand the information collected when visiting Properush.com website and utilizing its services. This policy outlines how the collected information may be used, shared and protected. By visiting the portal and using the web services of Properush.com, users provide their consent for the collection and processing of their personal data, as described in this section of the Privacy Policy.

Collection of browsing data: The information systems, processes, and computational techniques governing the operation of our website and application, Properush.com, automatically collect certain personal data during their functioning. This “collection” occurs through the access and operation mechanisms and protocols utilized on the Internet.

Specifically, whenever a user connects to Properush.com website and application, whenever they request or access content, and whenever an action is taken, such as submitting a contact form, the access data is stored in the online systems of our website as table or linear data files.

This category of data includes IP addresses, computer domain names used by users to access our website and application, the user’s browser represented by the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), the date and time of form submission or request sent to the server, the amount of data transmitted, the numerical code indicating the response status from the server, and other parameters associated with the user’s computer’s operating system and environment.

Properush.com may utilize this data solely for the purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information about the usage of the website and application, enabling the identification of preferred pages and the provision of appropriate content.

Furthermore, this data may be used to investigate liability in cases of misconduct or criminal offenses committed against the Properush.com website and application or its users, as requested by the relevant supervisory authority.

User Categories: In relation to the usage of Properush.com website and its application, users are classified into two categories: private users and professional users in the real estate or related industries (including real estate agents, construction companies, transport companies, renovation companies, and other professionals and businesses associated with the sector).

Private users may have access to certain services anonymously, such as property search. However, to access other services such as posting ads, receiving automatic updates and property alerts, or saving favorite searches or ads, registration is required. Professional users, on the other hand, have access to services specifically designed for them, which also require registration.


Purpose of Data processing:

The data collected through Properush.com website and its application are processed in a legal and appropriate manner, adhering to the principles of proportionality and legality, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 (referred to as “the Regulation”). The collected data will be strictly used to ensure the optimal delivery of our services.

In addition to the automatic collection of browsing data as mentioned earlier, users have the option to voluntarily provide personal information through designated input fields such as the “Contact Form.” The Contact Form varies depending on the type of service the user intends to use.

For professional users, Properush.com may collect their personal data through online registration forms, an online administration system for professionals, direct contact, or contract signing.

Within various applications and services on our website, users have the ability to provide personal information (such as email address, name, telephone number, zip code, and other necessary data) voluntarily and explicitly for the purpose of the requested service.

The personal data provided by the user will be recorded, securely stored in electronic forms, and processed with appropriate security measures. Integration of this data with other electronic files or databases may also occur.

Specifically, when using services such as contacting real estate agents, construction companies, or other companies, property advertising, promoting property searches or requests to real estate agencies, or entrusting property to other companies and related professionals, the personal data collected for these services will be disclosed to the advertisers on the website and its application, who will be authorized to process the same information and personal data.

When sending email messages to the provided email addresses on the website and its application, the sender’s personal information, including the email address and other collected data, its necessary to respond to the requests and provide the requested services.

Data processing will be conducted electronically or in paper form, primarily using automated and non-automated processes. The processing may be performed directly by Properush.com, by a third party acting as a processor on behalf of Properush.com, or by a third party to Properush.com, acting as a controller and/or processor, as well as by service providers as controllers and/or processors, in accordance with the Regulation.

We have implemented appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized use, access, and data loss. Data is not collected from the website and its application without the necessary consent, except when it is required for the provision of our services.

Explicit consent is needed when using certain services on our website, such as communication, advertising, and search promotion, personal data (such as name, contact information, and other information published by professionals or private individuals in their advertisements) may be disclosed to third parties, such as partners collaborating with the real estate agency, construction companies, and other companies publishing property advertisements. These third parties will act as controllers for the collected personal data and will use it to respond to user requests for property information.

In compliance with the Regulation and other applicable national laws regarding personal data processing, users will be required to provide explicit consent for the processing and communication of their data by selecting a designated checkbox labeled ‘I accept.’

Nature of data provision: The provision of data is optional, but if personal data necessary for the requested service is not provided, it will not be possible to carry out the service. If the provision of data is not necessary, the data controller will still be able to process applications and perform the required services mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

Processing Methods: The data processing methods employed by Properush.com, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation EU 679/2016 and relevant national laws, ensure adherence to these legal provisions. The processing is conducted with utmost consideration for the principles of proportionality, security, and confidentiality of personal data. The data controller, Properush.com, processes personal data using both physical and electronic means, always aligning with the stated purposes and contractual agreements between the user and the controller via this website.

Personal data is recorded and processed in accordance with the aforementioned principles and may be handled directly by the data controller or by authorized third-party services acting as internal or external entities, serving on behalf of Properush.com.

To combat spam emails and maintain a secure environment, a verification system is in place where responses to communications are required. User data collected during this verification process is solely used to detect illegal activities or content that violates the website’s General Terms and Conditions of Use. Under no circumstances will this data be processed or disclosed to third parties for commercial or advertising purposes.

Data Security: Data collected and processed by Properush.com should be safeguarded using reasonable and appropriate methods to minimize the risks of unauthorized access, dissemination, loss, and destruction, in accordance with applicable provisions.

Properush.com takes comprehensive technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and protection of users’ personal data against accidental or intentional destruction, loss, unauthorized modification, disclosure, access, or any other unlawful processing. However, despite our sincere efforts to store users’ personal data in a secure operating environment that is not publicly accessible, it is important to note that complete or perfect security cannot be guaranteed. Properush.com cannot eliminate the possibility of unintended disclosures of users’ personal data. If users suspect that their contact information has been lost, stolen, or used without their permission, they must promptly inform Properush.com. In such cases, if it is determined that we are at fault, we will promptly remove the user’s contact information from their account and update our records accordingly.

Properush.com reserves the right to take various actions, including but not limited to: a) recording and storing any communication between visitors/users and the website, such as email exchanges and questionnaire responses with its employees, customers (such as individuals, brokers, transport companies, etc.), or other individuals; b) investigating any claim if a communication is found to violate the website’s terms and conditions and exercising its sole discretion to withdraw or request the withdrawal of such communication; c) removing photos and any user-submitted data or information that is deemed offensive, illegal, inconvenient, or not in compliance with the website’s terms and conditions; d) deleting registered users’ accounts with prior notice if they fail to comply with the website’s terms and conditions.

Field of communication and dissemination of data: The data provided by the user will be shared and utilized exclusively by Properush.com, the designated data controller, and by companies authorized as data processors or third parties, as defined in Article 4 of the Regulation. As previously mentioned, for certain services, data may be shared with partner companies that collaborate or utilize the services provided by Properush.com (such as real estate agents who have access to applicants’ personal information and property details, banks or credit brokers involved in providing mortgages or other loans, and other financial service providers associated with property sales). The sole purpose of sharing this data is to fulfill the user’s requested services.

In these instances, the partner companies act independently, and Properush.com assumes no responsibility for their data processing activities. Additionally, Properush.com is not accountable for the content and adherence to privacy policies of websites that it does not manage. 

Properush.com offers real estate listings provided by various partners, including real estate agents, property management companies, and individual sellers. While we strive to maintain the accuracy and timeliness of the information displayed, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of listing prices. Prices may change without notice, and there may be instances where the listed prices are not up-to-date or accurate.

We encourage our partners to update their listings regularly and maintain the accuracy of pricing information. However, we cannot independently verify or control the pricing information provided by our partners.

When considering a property listed on Properush.com , it is your responsibility to verify the current and accurate price with the respective partner or seller. We recommend reaching out directly to the listing provider for the most up-to-date pricing and information regarding the property.

Properush.com shall not be held liable for any discrepancies, inaccuracies, or changes in pricing information provided by our partners. We act as a platform to connect buyers and sellers and are not responsible for the content or information displayed in the listings.

Personal data collected through our website and mobile application may be transferred outside the jurisdiction of Cyprus solely for the purpose of fulfilling the requested services through our website, in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy and the provisions of the GDPR regulation.

Furthermore, Properush.com does not sell a user’s personal data under any circumstances. When sharing data with third parties, as part of the aforementioned services, it is done solely for the purpose of fulfilling the documented purposes outlined in this policy and in relation to the same online services.

Financial advice: At Properush.com, we want to emphasize that we do not provide financial advice to our users. Our platform is designed to help you explore and discover real estate options, but when it comes to financial decisions, we always recommend consulting with a qualified financial advisor for personalized guidance. Your financial well-being is our priority.

Information regarding cookies, search engines and location data: Cookies are a technology or mechanism designed to enhance traffic analysis on websites, facilitate user access to services provided by our website and mobile application, and deliver relevant and useful advertisements to our visitors. The use of cookies does not involve the transmission or retrieval of personal data from location identification systems. If a user prefers not to have their information collected through cookies, they can easily disable the use of cookies through their web browser settings.

Information regarding property suggestions on our site and app will be visible in searches conducted on our internal search engine and may also appear in search results on third-party search engines, as our site and app allow their content to be indexed by third parties.

In the event that a listing ad page has been removed from our site and app, it is possible that a cached version of the page may still appear in search results for a few days. Search results are not controlled by our site and app, but users can request the removal of a page and request that the cached version be updated directly through the search engine.

When utilizing the site and app with active location identification, we may collect and process information about the user’s current location. This data is anonymized and processed in a format that does not personally identify the user, and is used solely for the purpose of facilitating the use of certain location-based features on our site and app. Users have the option to enable or disable location services at any time by accessing the settings on their device.

Duration of processing: The processing of data on Properush.com will be limited to the duration necessary to fulfill the purpose of data collection, which includes storing search criteria, sending notifications, publishing listings, and facilitating contact with professionals who meet the user’s criteria. The processing will continue until the individual decides to delete their data by contacting the data controller. Additionally, data may be retained for as long as it is necessary to fulfill legal obligations or protect our legitimate interests in legal proceedings.

User’s rights: Privacy laws grant users certain rights that they can exercise. Specifically, users have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of their personal data, even if it is not yet registered, and to receive this data in a clear and understandable format. Users also have the right to request information from the data controller regarding the identity and contact details of the controller, processors, and third parties acting on behalf of the controller. They can inquire about the purposes for which their personal data is being processed, the recipients or categories of recipients of their data, the duration of data storage, and other matters outlined in Article 13 of the Regulation. Furthermore, users can request the deletion, correction, or limitation of processing of their data. They can also request updates to their existing data, receive their data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format, or request the blocking of data that has been processed unlawfully. Users have the right to object to processing and automated decision-making.


Inquiries: For any inquiry regarding this specific policy or any general questions about the operations or services of Properush.com, we encourage you to contact us via the following email address: info@properush.com.

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