Limassol Scheduled To Unveil The Tallest Skyscraper In Cyprus

The Aura project, poised to be Cyprus’ tallest structure at 181.5 meters and 44 stories, has been greenlit for construction along the seafront of Limassol. This decision comes after a contentious journey filled with debates and disputes within Limassol’s municipal factions.

Initially, there was considerable disagreement among the city’s council members over the proposed tower’s height and whether the chosen plot was appropriate for a development of this magnitude. These disputes led to a significant procedural approval by the Limassol City Council, which affirmed the Council of Ministers’ decision to permit the merging of subterranean public areas to support the project.

The landowners, whose property is separated by a public road, sought permission to incorporate additional land to increase the building’s density. The Council of Ministers approved the use of an underground passage, allowing for the unification of below-ground spaces for the development. Despite resistance from political groups such as AKEL and EDEK, the majority of the Limassol City Council backed the move.

The project has been in the pipeline since December 2019, advancing through several stages of approval despite opposition from figures like Mayor Nicos Nicolaides. As part of the agreement, the city will gain a new public square, park, cultural center, and subterranean parking facilities.

Critics such as Michalis Sokratous from AKEL and Michalis Vasiliou from DISY voiced apprehensions regarding the project’s economic rationale, its environmental repercussions, and the suitability of such an expansive venture. Sokratous argued against clustering numerous high-rise buildings given the unfavorable economic landscape. Vasiliou expressed doubts about the tower’s fit on a restricted site, pointing out possible adverse effects.

Mayor Nicolaides, despite initial reservations, recognized the democratic procedure and validated the Council’s decision. Costas Yiallouros, leading the DISY municipal faction, supported the project by highlighting the careful decision-making amidst economic hurdles and the thorough scrutiny by the relevant authorities.

Crafted by Foster + Partners, the Aura project is envisioned as a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly skyscraper designed to blend with Limassol’s cityscape. Its concept focuses on enhancing the living standards and revitalizing the area, with the tower positioned over a city park to ensure it keeps a visual and spatial link to the coastline, thereby improving air flow, natural light, and vistas.

Despite resistance and ongoing discourse, the Aura initiative advances with intentions to transform Limassol’s horizon and introduce contemporary conveniences, while sparking further discussion on the direction of urban growth, economic strategies, and ecological issues.


Source: Cyprus Property News

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