Cyprus’ outdated Swimming Pool Regulations Are Poised For Revision

New legislation will eliminate the requirement for a lifeguard at swimming pool complexes with fewer than five residential units, a change that smaller development complexes will greatly welcome.

After years of complaints about the outdated and impractical rules governing public and some private swimming pools in Cyprus, these obsolete regulations are now set for revision.

The regulations have been so stringent that many complexes rented to tourists or sold to private individuals have had to shut down their pools in recent years.

At the end of 2023, the interior ministry introduced a bill to update the laws concerning the features and inspections of public and private swimming pools during a meeting of the House interior committee.

The revised bill, currently under review by the Legal Service, outlines three classifications for swimming pools:

The first category pertains to swimming pools located within water parks. The second category includes pools at hotels and tourist accommodations, especially those serving more than five residential units. The third category covers smaller pools, those associated with fewer than five units that are rented to tourists or sold.

Construction permits and periodic inspections will be mandated based on the pool category. Specifically, the bill mandates regular health and safety inspections for pools in the first two categories, whereas those in the third category will be subject to occasional sampling.

Moreover, the requirement for lifeguard supervision will now apply only to pools in the first two categories.

The Legal Service confirmed to the Cyprus Mail that a revised bill is under review to reclassify swimming pools, addressing longstanding issues with over-regulation of communal pools in private complexes. Residents like Pam Simcox have faced closures and legal fears, leading some to opt for hotel stays due to the stringent requirements, such as constant lifeguard presence.

Peyia councillor Linda Leblanc has advocated since 2007 for laws that distinguish between private communal and public pools, urging updates to align with lenient EU standards. These strict regulations have adversely affected Cyprus’s tourism and property markets.

Complex owners, especially those offering rentals on platforms like Airbnb, have been hit hard as their pools are treated as public, leading to financial losses. Property specialist Russell Flick started a petition for legal changes, which has gained considerable support, though progress has been slow.

Stakeholders remain hopeful for reforms from the proposed bill but emphasize the urgent need for swift, comprehensive changes to support Cyprus’s tourism and real estate sectors.


Source: Cyprus Property News

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