Announcement of accelerated issuance of Title Deeds.

Interior Minister, Mr. Constantinos Ioannou highlighted significant improvements in the Title Deeds issuance process on Thursday, stating these enhancements would reduce the average processing time to three months, a drastic cut from the previously estimated range of one to three years.

Speaking at a seminar organized by the Pan-Cyprian Association of Land Development and Construction Entrepreneurs, Mr.Ioannou underscored the government’s commitment to fostering a growth-friendly environment, a pledge taken since June 2023.

The effort to shorten the issuance time of Title Deeds for property owners involves streamlining procedures within both the Department of Lands and Surveys and the Department of Town Planning and Housing.

Additionally, Mr. Ioannou pointed out the ongoing initiatives to improve urban and spatial planning efficiency, with the goal of speeding up services to the public and bolstering development prospects.

Acknowledging the historical setbacks in finalizing Title Deeds processes, Mr. Ioannou laid out goals to implement more adaptable and swift procedures, removing unwarranted delays and hassles.

“We acknowledge that considerable delays in numerous cases related to the completion of title issuance processes have impacted individuals,” he conveyed to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA). “Our objective is to roll out more adaptable and quicker processes.”

A principal modification suggested to improve and hasten the Title Deeds issuance includes the introduction of a new procedure for parcel division applications to generate new property titles.

The adjustment, which came into effect on January 2, 2024, gives priority to previously defined external demarcation and surveying tasks for developments, ensuring that all applications are submitted fully and accurately for swift review without the ongoing requirement for extra documents from the applicants.

Mr. Ioannou also emphasized the importance of completing external demarcation before parcel division, “which will guarantee that future developments are confined within the actual boundaries of the property plots, preventing encroachments on neighboring properties, a common source of dispute among property owners.”

Furthermore, Ioannou pointed out recent actions by the department of land and surveys, such as adopting the institution of private licensed surveyors as the exclusive method for carrying out the necessary surveying work for parcel division.

“This allows individuals to directly employ their chosen private surveyor for surveying tasks, freeing up department staff to focus on other tasks and mitigating significant delays,” Ioannou stated.

“With these reforms, I am confident that property owners will experience a notable decrease in the total processing time for applications and, ultimately, the faster issuance of Title Deeds,” he concluded.

Source: Cyprus Property News

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