The color of 2025 has already been chosen.

Picture a deep, mysterious shade that takes you on a journey through the night sky. That’s the captivating essence of Future Dusk – a mesmerizing purple-blue hue. According to the trend gurus at WGSN and Coloro, this color carries a sense of mystery and escape, transporting you to those magical twilight hours between darkness and light. It’s the perfect hue to embrace during times of immense change, reflecting the surreal and otherworldly qualities of our rapidly evolving world.

Future Dusk encapsulates the groundbreaking shifts happening in AI, the metaverse, digital art, consumer tech, and space exploration. It adds a touch of celestial allure to everything it touches, from cutting-edge 3D-printed creations and futuristic electric cars to forward-thinking fashion. Coloro knows what’s up, as they’ve observed brands gravitating towards palettes that stand the test of time. That’s precisely why they selected Future Dusk – it’s an inspiring color that perfectly aligns with this trans-seasonal approach. Warm and deep, it exudes an eternal charm, making it moody, enigmatic, and timeless all at once.

Looking ahead to 2025, Urangoo Samba, the color connoisseur at WGSN, believes that colors bringing a sense of reassurance will steal the spotlight. Get ready for the rise of captivating tinted darks that blur the lines between reality and fantasy. Future Dusk leads the charge in this immersive and transformative direction, beckoning us to embrace a world where possibilities know no bounds. So, get ready to dive headfirst into a realm of color that reflects the extraordinary nature of our ever-evolving reality.

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