12 Energy saving tips for your home.

Did you ever think about how small changes in your home can help the environment a lot?

There are many tips to save energy at home, starting with small things you can do every day and even making bigger changes that not only benefit the environment but also lower your energy bills.

So how can you save energy at home?

1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. This simple habit can cut your monthly electricity costs.

2. Use LED lights. They look good, cost less, and use less energy than regular bulbs.

3. Get efficient appliances. New dryers and fridges use way less power and can slash your bills. Heat pumps help too. Change or maintain your appliances regularly.

4. Unplug stuff when you’re not using it. Don’t leave things on standby; unplug them to save on your bill and help the environment.

5. Use less water. Shorter showers, don’t waste water while cooking, and turn off taps quickly.

6. Keep your home cooler. Set your thermostat to around 17 degrees; a smart thermostat is even better.

7. Use smart devices. They can turn off things for you when you forget.

8. Get double glazing for doors and windows. It helps save energy, money, and the planet.

9. Cook with a lid on. It makes cooking faster and uses less energy.

10. Use a smart meter. It shows how much power you use in real-time so you can find ways to use less.

11. Wash your clothes with cold water and a full load. You’ll save water and electricity.

12. Use solar-powered stuff. Many electronic gadgets have solar-powered versions. Switching to these can save you money and help the environment.

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